“I was in a relationship in 2017, working full-time, attending school and church. I was serving God on Sunday and feeding my flesh during the week. In these things I found my worth. The enemy was stealing my identity day by day by allowing me to lose sight of who I was in Jesus. I also wasn’t trusting God with my finances. I became at my lowest when I lost the relationship I was in, lost my opportunity at school (so I thought) and my sight of God. Upon looking at my life I lost sight of wanting to live and had no desire to continue. Fast Forward in the middle of a 40 day fast at the top of 2018 the enemy convinced me to just take my life. I sought out the purchase of a firearm and bought one. Thankfully for God and the laws in Florida that don’t allow you to get it for 3 days I didn’t get it right away. I drove home and broke down in complete tears and couldn’t hold up anymore. 3 people at that time that were closest to me called and texted me in that instant and began to stand in the gap for my life. At the end of the fast, God has reminded me who I was in Him, I started to trust Him with my finances and He opened up an opportunity not only for me to go back to school but to fill the gap in which I didn’t have enough financially he filled the rest.”
– Michael


“God can do amazing things.
It was about 8 months ago I began my job search looking at specific companies I wanted to work for. I applied to all 3 and even interviewed and made it to round 3 of those interviews, however no offer ever came about. I was losing hope.
Recently I had been going through some personal mountains that were tearing apart my life. I re-engaged in Christ with complete surrender to him. I have been attending Church, tithing and going to the Men’s ministry group. It was at the group that I asked for prayer to help me in getting a new job. Leni asked for me to be specific in my request by texting him the 3 companies and positions I was looking to obtain. I did just this. By the next day, Leni called to tell me of a friend he had not heard from in a very long time that had just begun working at the #1 company on my list and I should reach out to them. Long story short, through prayer and surrender the job was mine within 3 weeks. We truly serve an Amazing God.
– Gary


“I woke up one morning, just crying. I went to work, and our speaker was Leni. He was giving a speech that really just got to me in a great way. On my prayer request form I wrote down my son and my niece. I needed prayers for them, as Leni prayed over me I felt the presence of God. In our conversation, I told him at this moment I do not have a car. I’ve been trying to get one, but some things have gotten in the way. I always trust in God he knows what I need. He prayed over me again, and told me that I was getting a car. I gave him a look like what?!! He then told me, I’ll be right back. He came back and said he has a van for Me! I will be getting it soon, just needs to get paperwork done. Wow, I cried harder!! I was shocked, like why me?! But God knows that I needed it, you see the bus was not an issue for me. I just wanted to be with my grandsons more, and go back to church. God was calling me to go and rejoice in his name!! I’m going to church with my fiance now! God is great, he never closes all doors, he sees your heart, he knows what you do, and he never let’s go!! Thank you God for everything you have done, I would of never believed that God through Leni, gave me a Van free and clear!! Leni thank you for your prayers, May God keep you always! I will pass this on, to whomever I meet. Miracles happen! Amen!”
– Lisa


“Last year I had several large expenses to start my year, I was hurting for cash inflow. I asked my brother Leni to pray for abundance and he stated God will bless you this week!. I thought to myself…that’s impossible. There were no large income streams in sight. It just so happened my year end review was that week and my boss was so pleased with my work that she increased my previous years bonus by 100% !! I give all the Glory to GOD for his blessing of abundance and grace!”
– Scott

They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony
Revelation 12:11 NIV